2.2KW 380V Air-cooled Square Spindle Motor + 4KW VFD Inverter for Woodworking Machine 1 Year Warranty

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  • Brand Name: ToAuto
  • Drive: Motor
  • Model Number: GDZ93*82-2.2-380V+E550-4t0040L
  • Maximum Torque: 1.21Nm
  • Operating Speed: 18000rpm
  • cooling type: Air cooled
  • spindle motor power: 2.2kw
  • spindle motor spec.: 380v 5.5A
  • inverter VFD power: 4kw
  • inverter VFD input: 3-phase AC 380V 20% 50/60Hz
  • inverter VFD output: 0~380v 9.5A 0~1000Hz

  • Unit Type: piece
  • Package Weight: 13.0kg (28.66lb.)
  • Package Size: 50cm x 40cm x 20cm (19.69in x 15.75in x 7.87in)

2.2kw ER25 380VAC Air cooled spindle motor & 4kw 380v VFD inverter Variable Frequency Drive for CNC Woodworking
Package Content:
1*2.2kW Spindle Motor: GDZ93*82-2.2-380V
1*4KW sunfar VFD Variable Frequency Drive: E550-4t0040L
We promise one year warranty for this spindle motor kit, just buy them freely.
Spindle Motor Specification:
Providing the default Collet ER25 6mm, if not please do contact us for a better solution.
GDZ93x82-2.2 Air-cooling for Woodworking
Product type
Square High-Speed Motorized Spindle Motor for Woodworking
Speed (r/min)
Power (KW)
Frequency (Hz)
ER25 6mm ( default)
Cooling type
2x7007 P4 + 2x7002c P4
Changsheng(Made in China)
VFD Specification:
Power (KW)
Input Voltage(V)
3-phase AC 380V ±20% 50/60Hz
Output Voltage(V)
Output Current(A)
Output Frequency (Hz)
Origin& Warranty&brand
China & One year&sunfar
1. electric spindle practices
Electric spindle is a high-speed high-precision components rigidity, we must strictly follow the practices used spindle spindle motor, otherwise it will increase equipment failures, shorten equipment life. Please use the rule as follows:
(1) Before the boot, first ensure that the spindle cooling system to work properly, and then turn the power spindle. Do not use the spindle without the cooling conditions, it is necessary to check the fan and pump are working properly before use. If the spindle is water cooled, to check whether the cooling water containing impurities to ensure water is smooth.
(2) When using electric spindle, spindle from low according to the principle of high speed, gradually increasing speed to warm up, when the spindle load up to speed and smooth operation of the state after the required processing, can better protection spindle, to reduce the wear.
(3) during use is strictly prohibited beat, hit threaded spindle clamp and rotor end, so as not to reduce the component life, affect the results spindles used.
(4) During the operation, the tool must be replaced in the correct way. When the knife, the focus should be uniform, the tool should be aligned with the threaded end of the screw rotor, clamping can be. During operation the tool needs to be replaced before the replacement to wait Spindle cooling, avoid tool change at hot temperature state.
(5) During the operation, if the fixture card spindle rotor end, non-beat way to remove Jigs. Only under the premise of no damage to the rotor shaft threads with pliers and other tools to remove the chuck, and clean the rotor tapered bore and clamp the spindle to avoid Movies shorten life, affecting the quality of workpiece. If the fixture has completely lost precision, it must be replaced immediately.
2. The spindle maintenance specification:
(1) to control the spindle actual time worked. Theoretically prohibit spindle 24 hours of continuous work, operating 12 hours per spindle Spindle let rest at least 2 hours, in order to prevent the formation of shortened due to mechanical fatigue life of the spindle.
(2) to understand the conditions, the ambient temperature and the spindle temperature control. Spindle operating ambient temperature not higher than 35 centigrade degree, when the ambient temperature is above 35 centigrade degree should use air conditioners or other protective measures to reduce the room temperature, thereby reducing spindle temperature.
(3) The spindle cooling water must be kept clean and free of impurities, recommendations to clean up after the end of the spindle shaft waterway, scale and water holes to avoid clogging due to rust. Also, always pay attention to circulating water temperature in the tank, so the water temperature is too high, the cooling effect can not be achieved prefetching.
(4) Always check the power supply connector, to avoid damage to the connector loose or aging brings to the spindle and the drive.
(5) If the downtime to use again, you must tranches from low speed to high speed spindle run-in steps according to the spindle load running, in order to use in the run-through.
(6) during the loading and unloading cutter knife, must tool chuck nut clean.
3. Use Caution
(1) must match the drive spindle chosen correctly according to the electric spindle nameplate good debugging power, voltage and frequency.
(2) Set the frequency converter should be set command channel, and then set the display channel, and finally set the parameters. When setting parameters, be sure that the reference frequency, the frequency of the three highest rated frequency and consistency.
(3) The spindle is generally clockwise in the wrong direction, the drive can change settings or swap any two rotating wire the inverter output UVW terminal on.
(4) In general, water-cooled spindle surface temperature and ambient temperature greater than 20 degrees, the heat can be considered a spindle; when air-cooled spindle surface temperature greater than ambient temperature of 30 degrees, can be identified as the main heat seriously, immediately shut down cooling, a check
4. Maintenance Caution
(1) Spindle found abnormal sound, should immediately stop checking. If you can not be resolved, should be sent to the manufacturer or repair to professionals.
(2) the operation of an abnormal burning smell, immediately stop checking. If you can not be resolved, should be sent to the manufacturer or repair to professionals.
(3) If the spindle does not run the boot, do not start over, you should carefully check the following related matters: first check the drive parameters to determine the input and output voltage, the spindle parameter settings are correct. Second, check the power cord and wiring connector is plugged in and determine whether the contact connector problem.


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